Terms of Service

Welcome to dv8coin.com, an online cryptocurrency trading platform (the “Platform”). By using our Platform, you agree to be bound by these Terms of Service and our Privacy Policy. Please read them carefully as they contain important information about your rights, obligations and what to expect when using our services.

At dv8coin.com we are committed to providing a secure, efficient and reliable trading environment for our customers. We uphold the highest standards of security and customer service in order to ensure that all transactions are conducted with integrity and respect for each individual user. We reserve the right to amend or modify these Terms of Service at any time without prior notice; please check this page regularly for updates and changes that may affect your use of the Platform.

1. Eligibility:

To use our Platform, you must be at least 18 years old and have legal capacity to enter into a contract in your country of residence or establishment. You also must reside or be established in a country where using such services is not prohibited by law or regulation, including any applicable export and import regulations issued by the government in which you are based in (collectively referred to as “Applicable Laws”). You further confirm that you shall not access or use the Platform if you are acting on behalf of citizens or residents in any jurisdiction where it is prohibited under Applicable Laws, including but not limited to North Korea, Iran, Syria, Cuba and Sudan. We reserve the right limit access to certain areas of our Platform depending on local laws/regulations applicable to users based on their geographic location.

2. Account Registration & Security:

In order to access certain features of the Platform you will need to register an account with us (the “Account”):

– You must provide accurate personal information for registration purposes; this includes but is not limited to a valid email address & physical address; failure do so will result in termination of your Account;

– After registering your Account with us you agree that we may require additional information from time-to-time; this includes but is not limited identity verification documents such as passport & driver’s license;

– You must maintain strict confidentiality regarding your Account details – including passwords & login credentials; failure do so will result in termination of your Account;

– You understand that access other people’s Accounts is strictly prohibited; any attempt do so may result criminal prosecution & liability for damages caused by misuse or abuse thereof;

– You understand that any activity undertaken under your Account shall be deemed authorized & legally binding upon you; therefore any fraud/losses resulting from misuse/abuse thereof shall remain solely under your responsibility & liability;

– If you believe someone has accessed your Account without authorization please contact us immediately via [EMAIL]. Failure do so could result financial losses being incurred through transactions made using funds from within said account before proper notification is received by us here at dv8coin.com – we can take no responsibility for such losses being incurred in such situations;

3. Transaction Security:

When making trades through the Platform we employ several security measures designed protect both buyers & sellers against fraud & other malicious activities occurring during transactions:

– We monitor all trades taking place within our system order detect suspicious activities which could indicate potential fraud attempts – if detected appropriate action will taken investigate further before allowing said trade(s) proceed unhindered by us here at dv8coin.com ;

– All payments made through the Platform must originate from bank accounts registered under same name as used when registering said account with us here at dv8coin.com ; failure adhere this rule may result suspension/termination of account privileges pending review/investigation into source funds used pay said transaction(s) ;

– We utilize industry standard encryption technology secure data flows both internally within our systems externally when interacting with 3rd party services involved each transaction ;

– Our customer support team operates 24 hours day 7 days week order provide assistance customers should need it either during setup process dealing with issues over course normal usage ; however we cannot guarantee resolution all reported problems due limitations beyond control circumstances outside knowledge ; – In event dispute arises between two parties due one reason another we reserve right intervene help resolve issue amicably basis fairness justice while ensuring safety users involved remain uncompromised ;

– Should request need made refund associated transaction due fraud/illegal activities then we shall act accordance relevant laws regulations applicable jurisdiction governing said transaction undertake necessary steps process refund full amount associated fees within 40 working days receipt request notification sent via platform interface ;

4 Intellectual Property Rights:

By using our Platform you agree abide all intellectual property rights held company its affiliates relating platform content products services offered therein . Such rights include copyrights trademarks patents designs trade secrets proprietary technologies knowhow confidential information software code blueprints & any other mediums tangible/intangible data stored , used , replicated made available through dv8coin.com.

You understand that any attempts disseminate contents protected intellectual property rights either surface web or darknet constitute illegal activity punishable by applicable laws therefore such activities shall remain sole liability user involved ; we take no responsibility actions taken users resulting losses damages incurred thereof due breach terms herein stated.

Any use contents offered protected intellectual property rights must be done accordance guidelines set forth given license agreement between owner & user granted permission do so after entering legal contract which clearly outlines parameters usage ; failure abide all clauses contained therein shall result termination agreement said parties. We reserve right intervene dispute arises between two sides in order protect interest both party involved ensure fair resolution process concerned.


5 Disclaimer:

dv8coin.com hereby disclaims all warranties Express implied related services products content information technology platform provided through dv8coin.com ; we are not liable for any damages incurred loss profits data damage caused direct indirect usage misuse service presented herein . These terms shall be governed applicable laws governing jurisdiction which our Platform operates within user’s respective country residence. If any provisions this Agreement deemed unenforceable , invalid void then remaining clauses still apply full force effect binding both parties hereto.

Furthermore , we reserve right update modify amend change add or remove portions agreement anytime without prior notice users affected same by either sending notification via email platform interface or posting modified version website; continued usage platform constitutes acceptance these changes & we shall always strive provide clear concise information same.


6 Indemnification:

You agree indemnify , defend & hold harmless dv8coin.com its affiliates subsidiaries officers directors employees agents contractors respective successors assigns any third party claims damages liabilities costs arising out breach terms agreement unlawful activity violation applicable laws by user using our Platform services provided therein ; should dispute arise due aforementioned reasons then user agrees take responsibility thereof pay associated cost/fees incurred relation process resolving same.

Furthermore, you understand that our Platform contains proprietary technology owned company its affiliates which shall remain sole liability owners; you hereby agree not attempt copy replicate hack modify reverse engineer code written interconnect such systems without prior written consent holder intellectual property rights concerned . Any attempts do so shall constitute breach agreement mentioned herein & may result legal action being taken against party responsible same.


7 Termination:

We reserve right terminate user’s access Platform services provided therein without prior notice for any reason whatsoever , including but not limited to breach terms agreement violation applicable laws related our business operations ; should such event occur then user agrees cease using platform services immediately & take responsibility losses damages incurred thereof due termination . Furthermore , we may take necessary steps prevent future access content products offered through dv8coin.com by disabling credentials blocking IP address etc . We further clarify that no refunds shall be made due aforementioned terminating event occurring .

In conclusion, we strive provide best-in-class services our users customers & abide applicable laws regulations governing jurisdiction which Platform operates . We thank you for using dv8coin.com & look forward seeing returning time again!